Why &

Little Buddhas' Academy


Excellent/ Outstanding SEE Result.


Montessori Based Teaching.


Spacious and well equipped play station for kids.


Quality Education at affordable fee.


Qualified Team of Instructors.


Having own School Building.

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Dance/ Music.

Field Visit, Tour, Short Trip.

Class Time.

Free Health/ Medical Checkup by a specialist.

Special Training for Personality Development.

Public Awareness Programs.

Physical Exercises by Sports Trainer.

Co- Curricular activities:

Sports and extra curricular activities are integral part of the Academy experience. Every season our student-athletes gain lifelong lessons in the value of competition, perseverance, hard work, and the true meaning of teamwork. The students are grouped into four houses. The students are always encouraged to participate in the inter- house Co- curricular competitions. Such competition include debate, essay writing, drawing, poem composition and recitation and so on.

Educational Tour:

The school conducts excursion and educational tours for widening the mental horizons of the students. Bookish knowledge has to be supplemented with practical knowledge and in this regard, tours and trips play an important role.


In a whole academic year four terminal examinations are held, Apart from these, four unit test will be conducted before each terminal examination. Promotion and retention of student will be based on the performance in these unit tests and terminal examinations. Students who are absent for any written test due to Illness will be allotted to sit for a re- test provided that he or she produces a proper medical certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner.
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